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Card / Player Variation Team VG Price HOF/SP/ML
  Adkins, Doc     Baltimore (ML) 90.00 ML
  Batch, Emil     Rochester (ML) 90.00 ML
  Cady, Hick     Newark (ML) 90.00 ML
  Collins, Jimmy     Providence (ML) 150.00 HOF+ML
  Dunn, Jack     Baltimore (ML) 90.00 ML
  Frick, James     Newark (ML) 90.00 ML
  Hanford, Charles     Jersey City (ML) 90.00 ML
  Lee, Wyatt     Newark (ML) 90.00 ML
  McAllister, Sport     Newark (ML) 90.00 ML
  Merritt, George     Buffalo (ML) 90.00 ML
  Nee, John     Newark (ML) 90.00 ML
  Phelan, James     Providence (ML) 90.00 ML
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