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1911 T205 Gold Borders
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Card / Player Variation Team VG Price HOF/SP/ML
  Baker, Home Run     Philadelphia Athletics 140.00 HOF
  Bender, Chief     Philadelphia Athletics 100.00 HOF
  Bresnahan, Roger   mouth closed   St.Louis Cardinals 75.00 HOF
  Bresnahan, Roger   mouth open   St.Louis Cardinals 300.00 HOF
  Brown, Mordecai     Chicago Cubs 125.00 HOF
  Chance, Frank     Chicago Cubs 100.00 HOF
  Clarke, Fred     Pittsburgh Pirates 85.00 HOF
  Cobb, Ty     Detroit Tigers 1,250.00 HOF
  Collins, Eddie   mouth closed   Philadelphia Athletics 95.00 HOF
  Collins, Eddie   mouth open   Philadelphia Athletics 225.00 HOF
  Collins, Jimmy     Providence (ML) 150.00 HOF+ML
  Duffy, Hugh     Chicago White Sox 110.00 HOF
  Evers, Johnny     Chicago Cubs 200.00 HOF
  Griffith, Clark     Cincinnati Reds 95.00 HOF
  Huggins, Miller     St.Louis Cardinals 110.00 HOF
  Jennings, Hugh     Detroit Tigers 95.00 HOF
  Johnson, Walter     Washington Senators 650.00 HOF
  Joss, Addie     Cleveland Naps 850.00 SP+HOF
  Marquard, Rube     New York Giants 110.00 HOF
  Mathewson, Christy     New York Giants 475.00 HOF
  Mathewson, Christy   Cycle Back, incorrect stats   New York Giants 4,750.00 HOF
  McGraw, John     New York Giants 110.00 HOF
  Speaker, Tris     Boston Red Sox 250.00 HOF
  Tinker, Joe     Chicago Cubs 100.00 HOF
  Wallace, Bobby   with cap   St.Louis Browns 85.00 HOF
Card / Player Variation Team VG Price HOF/SP
  Wallace, Bobby   no cap - 1 line of 1910 stats   St.Louis Browns 1,500.00 HOF
  Wallace, Bobby   no cap - 2 lines of 1910 stats   St.Louis Browns 350.00 HOF
  Walsh, Ed     Chicago White Sox 215.00 SP+HOF
  Wheat, Zack     Brooklyn Superbas 100.00 HOF
  Young, Cy     Cleveland Naps 675.00 HOF
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